We are looking forward to the 2020 Emulsion Polymer Institute Annual Symposium,  on Friday May 29, 2020 at Lehigh University.  Event detail will follow later.

At this point we are calling for abstract for contributions. The symposium will have a technical theme of emulsion polymers, soft mechanics, coating film formation, assembly of particles, particle polymer composite materials,  and general science in surface and colloids. As a tradition, we will have representations of both academia and industry participation. It will be a good opportunity for a comingling of industry and academia interests and collaboration. It will also be a good opportunity for students to gain exposure and experience.

We welcome your technical presentations of 36 minutes, and student talks for 12 minutes. Please submit your abstract by Apr 15, 2020. Participation to the symposium day is free with or without a contribution, and RSVP deadline for is May 27.

Please register and submit your abstract here.

We look forward to seeing you at the symposium. Please disseminate to interested parties at your discretion.