James Bohling, PhD
  • Fellow, Dow Coating Materials
The Journey to Getting More from Less, Low VOC to the Use of Self-Assembled Polymer Pigment Composites for High Performance Waterborne Coatings

Waterborne coatings are complex and dynamic multiphase systems, providing critirborne Coatings"cal protection to substrates as well as improving their aesthetics and are produced on a massive scale. The environmental impact of these paints... Read more

Remi Dreyfus
  • Senior Research Scientist, COMPASS

I am currently a CNRS researcher at COMPASS lab (UMI 3254), a joint laboratory CNRS/Solvay/UPenn based in Bristol and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am a French CNRS researcher, performing academic research within Solvay, where I work in... Read more

Hao Huang
  • Lehigh University Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Graduate
  • EPI
Drying Inhomogeneity during Film Formation of Waterborne Latex Systems – A Mechanistic Study on Skin Layer Formation

Drying inhomogeneity of latex is the phenomenon where the spatial distribution of latex particles is non-uniform and evolving with time during the drying process. In order to study this phenomenon, this dissertation research employed the... Read more

Lanfang Li
  • Visiting Research Scientist, EPI
Advanced Understanding Lead to Advanced Material - A Case Example and Beyond

In this talk, I will give a few examples of research projects that’s of commercial importance yet benefited from a fundamental research approach. I will also share proposed research direction in the vision of joint academic and industrial... Read more

Dr. Pei Li
  • Professor, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Development of Amphiphilic Core-shell Particles and Their Application in Antibacterial Coating

Dr. Pei Li, Pauline is Professor at the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong. Dr. Li received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University Of Ottawa, Canada in 1990, and... Read more

Daniel Ou-Yang
  • Director, EPI
  • Professor of Physics & Bioengineering

Dr. Ou-Yang is Director of the Soft Matter and Biophotonics Laboratory, and Director of the Emulsion Polymers Institute (EPI) at Lehigh University. His laboratory conducts research in experimental soft condensed matter physics, including... Read more

Joseph Rokowski
  • Coatings R&D Director, Oriental Yuhong North America, LLC
The Wonderful and Profitable World of Acrylic Waterborne Coatings

Joe currently works as the Coatings R&D Director for Oriental Yuhong North America in Pennsylvania. Joe started work in Coatings at Rohm and Haas in 1981 and since then has worked in synthesis, R&D, technical service, marketing... Read more

Zhipeng Song
  • Senior Research Scientist, Axalta
Waterborne Automotive Coating

The automotive industry started to use waterborne coatings in 1990s. Typically, the motivation to use waterborne technology is to obtain lower VOCs and reduce the environmental footprint of the coating process, but that is not the only... Read more